Sunday, September 03, 2006

my 1st blog EVER!!

Well, I guess this is my official jump into the 21st century and yes, I am very proud of myself! Not really, made it easier than signing up for a credit card, so I thank them for that.

I will soon be posting some rants about everything from politics to sports to, of course, HISTORY, since that is the primary reason for this blog (it is a requirement for Clio I - HIST 696, but I will not stay to only topics relating to that class...I like to be well-rounded!!).

I pledge to try to sound intelligent, informed and learned, that is my promise to any and all viewers of this blog, especially my friends and, of course, my fellow classmates at George Mason Univ.

Stay tuned...


At 03 September, 2006 21:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I see you used Blogger!
Go Google!

If you have time and think of it, though, go make a comment in this person's blog that they should allow anonymous replies-- or else only you Blogger-people will be able to reply to their posts.

Sorry to have to ask you, but your post was right after theirs on the feed, and I saw you were a Blogger-type too, so it just occurred to me...

Oh, and welcome to the 21st Century... it's a strange, strange place...


At 11 September, 2006 22:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come nobody discuses representative democracy's fatal flaw....and that is representatives can be bribed. Government of the people....what a joke!


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