Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Blog design

Okay, I have no real rhyme or reason in picking this design for my blog, but I did make some modifications that I will discuss.

First, I would like to thank Jeff from my Clio 1 class for his suggestion that I try out Blogger (check out his blog at if you'd like). I was all ready to dive into a Wordpress-driven Blog, but after reading his, along with all the other posts from my fellow classmates, I went with Blogger. So, there you have it...thanks Jeff, I like Blogger as well! And I too agree that Google is usually on target.

As for my changes, I made the color black instead of whatever it was before (which I can't remember now b/c I have been on the cpu ALL DAY and it has all kind of blended together!). I also added my own links and deleted the Google News link, those guys do just fine without me having to link them from my page.

I added links to the George Mason University homepage (I would have put the History Dept. homepage on there but our new site does not launch until Sept 17 or so...the Dean's Office apparently took it down arbitrarily during the summer...what is that about??), Yahoo, ESPN, our Clio 1 class and a link to the 2nd Virginia Forum, which is not until April but I am looking forward to going this year as that may be my 1st conference ever!

And I will tell you that I am very proud of myself because I had to go into the HTML code stuff and change things around to get those links up there!!! Now, I won't call myself a tech-wiz just yet cuz I figured that out, but it is a good first step and an area where I have nowhere to go but UP!! So please, hold your applause...later


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