Monday, September 11, 2006

man, do I feel dumb!

Okay, I decided to look at our Clio I homepage for my HTML studying. I am unsure whether this was a good idea or a bad one, but most of the other pages I visit often (ESPN, Yahoo, etc.) are VERY complicated with all kinds of things going on, so I was hoping the Clio page would be a little less so. I figure I have to crawl before I walk...if I ever walk that is!

Anyway, I definitely recognized a whole lot more than I would have a week ago, but I am still very overwhelmed by the whole thing. If I can ever make heads or tails of this stuff, can I get credit for a foreign language?

So here is some of the info I gleamed from my exhaustive viewing: the page uses both types of programming, client-side and server-side. The only reason I know this is I know that when Javascript is used, it means that is client-side programming. And as if to help me out, Josh put, in a comment, "JavaScripts" so I guess that says it all. There are also aspects of PHP programming which means server-side programming is used. I still don't really know what all this means, but I can at least begin to recognize a little of it when it is used.

I also was very curious about this CSS stuff. So, I noticed that there were several spots where a link to a "stylesheet" was provided. This meant there was a separate stylesheet for all the style throughout the page. Supposedly this makes it easier to read, I'll take Josh's word for it! Anyway, font sizes, weights, color, type and margins and other style features litter the stylesheet. So, the Clio I page definitely uses CSS!

In the end, this has been like reading a French text where I knew some vocabulary words but not near enough to read the text! I can pick out some aspects of it that I understand very well (most focus around easy markers like


    and the like, along with places where it is just text...I really like those!!), but on the whole, I am very humbled by this experience.

    And I noticed when I put those markers in, it actually carried out the functions of paragraph and unordered list. I thought that was funny so I left it like that.


At 12 September, 2006 12:33, Anonymous tad said...

Okay, now I feel dumb.

When I got to the part you formatted into an unordered list, I was confused, and actually went immediately to viewing the source code. When I saw what you had done, I was--of course--skimming the text as well, and I saw that you explained why the wierd break happened in the text.

If I ever am gonna be a geek, I'm gonna need to get more common sense first.

Also, when I talked with Mack about coming to GMU, the way he explained it to me, the CLIO stuff is our foreign language requirement, unless your subject of research demands knowledge of another one... That's one of the things that attracted me to the program-- HTML is your foreign language requirement...


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