Sunday, December 10, 2006

Digital Skill #6: database

This one is very important for me because a) this is the central part of my final project and b) i see me using this, along with creating websites, as the two D.S.'s that I will use most in my career.

Here is a very preliminary database for my data that I will be including on my final project's site, in fact it already is on there, linked from

If you want to go straight there:

Also, I did a test run with some non-essential items (my sports bobbleheads and jerseys): (and you can also get here from my "about the author" page:

As for whether Lazybase will be useful for my final project (and I will speak to this much more in my proposal), at first glance it seems to have everything I need. And, it even looks like you can upload existing databases onto it, but I'm not sure how sophisticated it is (I'll have to create myself a small database on another program so I can try uploading it). And it seems you can leave comments, but I'm not sure if you can leave it for the whole database or for each item. If you could leave it for the items on Lazybase itself, then I could create a Forum on my main site (I already have the "comments" link) and then I could get the best of both worlds: comments for each item in case someone notices a specific error, omission, whatever, while also leaving the option for scholars to comment on the whole database!


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