Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Digital Skill #8: Domain Registering and Hosting

I guess I am officially "on the web" now that I have spent money to be on it! HA!! Anyway, I used godaddy.com to get two web addresses (I got both the .com and .net because it was only an extra $2.99/yr for the .net so I said "what the hey"?) and I also used them to set up my own hosting account. Now, uploading the ftp to the remote server can sometimes be very aggravating. It either doesn't want to recognize your file, it crashes (which happened earlier today by the way! luckily, I was pretty much done messing with my website for the time being or I would've freaked out!!), or it has to be constantly refreshed the hard way, from the toolbar not its "convenient" refresh button attached to the file window. To alleviate having to dig into a deep HIST 696 folder every time, I just started putting everything on my desktop.

Now, I am unsure of whether I need to keep this hosting account or if I can get someone else to host it (and how does one go about doing such a thing?), because, while the domain names are only about $12-14 for two for a year with a basic security package, the hosting account is like $6/month and that could get a bit pricey! So, if anyone knows the deal with hosting and whether I'd have to host my domains given my project (the Colonial Virginia Archive) and its possibility for being very large, let me know via comment. Thanks and see everyone after the holidays!!! Out, SaS...


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