Monday, February 12, 2007

My first rant, on Google...

So, since my account was moved from Blogger to Google, that seems like as good a place to start as any.

First, Google is definitely taking over the online world. But, is that a bad thing?

Well, as a critic of corporations and conglomerates, I tend to want to say yes, but Google seems different for some reason. They seem to care about the input of their customers and they seem to treat their workers well (Walmart, are you listening???). So, maybe it is not a bad thing, they are definitely good at what they do but that is not enough, they need to be about more than the bottom line and, from early indications, it seems they are! So, if that is true and it is not just a clever facade, I say good for you Google. If they are just pulling the wool over our eyes with a great marketing strategy, we will find out soon enough...and if Walmart if any indication, absolutely nothing will change except some lawsuits and an occasional insult from the media and the academy.

A New Format for a new host (Google!)

Well, de-Constructing History has become de-Constructing Everything. This Blog (now that my Clio Wired class is over) will now be a place I can rant to anyone who wants to listen and/or engage in a conversation about events going on in this world of ours. From climate change to politics to the war in Iraq, no topic is off limits, although I tend to shy away from discussing issues that don't really effect me and I tend to bow to those that it does (i.e. abortion, gay marriage and the like...I am, as a liberal, in favor of both but not to the point of ranting and raving about it...I would like to leave abortion up to the women, it is their bodies, and gay marriage up to the states because that seems to be where the issue belongs - wow, do I really agree with Dick Cheney on this one??)

If you want to check out my new blog for Clio II, please do so...